Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year's Resolutions

Ten may seem like a lot, but I feel like these are at least realistic goals.

Remember to take at least a multi-vitamin every day. I'm so bad at this. I have a daily reminder on my phone now, so hopefully that will get me in the habit.

Eat protein instead of crap for breakfast.
I tend to eat better, feel more full, am generally more alert, and am in a better mood on days where I start with protein instead of carbs, so why not just try to do that all the time? Not saying that Dunkin or Wawa won't call my name sometimes, but I'll try to stick to my Chobani yogurt or an egg most days.

Exercise more regularly instead of in fits and starts.
I have a tendency to exercise for a while and then when I get where I want to be, my workouts taper off into nonexistence because I'm too busy, too lazy, or making some other excuse. It's so much harder to get started again once you're up a few pounds and your body isn't used to exercising. This year, I'm going to try to at least maintain a day or two a week when I'm not in my uber-crazy fitness mode, which I think is realistic.

Get stuff at the grocery store that is both healthy and that I like and will eat.
I, like a lot of people, have a tendency to set myself up for failure when it comes to grocery shopping and cooking. Sometimes i get all excited about eating right and I buy stuff for five meals and only end up cooking 2 of them, and wasting or half-assing recipes with the rest of the ingredients. It's either that or I go ahead and buy crap and then eat that instead of something that would be better for me. This year I'm going to try doing smaller grocery store trips and getting ingredients for 1 or 2 meals at a time, and planning for meals with ingredients that keep for longer. Not saying there won't be cookies and goodies too, but if there's good, healthy stuff around, I will be more likely to eat that.

Be more aware of what I'm eating and drinking.
Sure that beer after work is fantastic, but I've gotten myself in trouble these last few months with wine or beer after work along with 3 cups of coffee with cream and sugar during the day.

Find ways to destress and use them.
It appears yoga and the old standard reading in the bath are first on my list for this year. Other suggestions are appreciated.

Let stuff go.
No one cares if my house is OCD clean to my specifications or if the laundry is done. Let it go sometimes and get back to that whole number six thing.

Read more.
I have at least a dozen books sitting in my room that i want to read. There's something to be said for turning off the tv sometimes and snuggling up with a warm puppy and a good book. Add that to number six.

Make an effort to spend time and keep up with friends.
This year has seemed really hard as far as keeping up with friends. College is over. It takes a concerted effort to keep up. We're all busy. Blah blah blah. Here's to at least a few emails to see how folks are doing. Maybe that will lead to dinners and visits, but I'll start small.

Don't let wedding drama take over my life.
Enough said.


  1. A stress buster for me is running. While I'm not saying running is for everyone I do think 30 minutes of hard cardio helps sweat and exhaust stress levels.

    Good luck with them all! Especially the reading and wedding one! ;)

  2. For the healthy food-related ones, I recommend - not only do they have tons of good and good-for-you dishes, but many of them even include serving sizes and nutrition info if you're interested in keeping track of that stuff.