Thursday, November 10, 2011

Sanity Saving Chore Chart

So ever since we started planning for the wedding, the house has sort of gotten away from me. To get myself back on track, I have been following the advice of Heather from Home-Ec 101 and trying to keep up with housework in about 15 to 20 minutes worth of cleaning every day.

So far, this has been going swimmingly and my house is in much better shape. Also my stress levels are way down because I don't dread coming home to daunting piles of laundry and disgusting bathrooms — which is amazing.

Here is Heather's chore chart PDF, and below is my revised version. Click to make it bigger so you can actually read it...

I tried to allocate one large chore and one small chore per day like Heather does in her version. I don't know if it will stay exactly like this, or if I'll need to modify, but so far so good. And, if I keep this up, the housework that has to be done on the weekends is minimal, leaving me time for bigger projects or to relax. All in all, a pretty great system.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Wannabe Fashionista

I am no fashion blogger. Sometimes its even a miracle that I manage to get dressed in the morning. Recently, now that I have some spare time, I've been reading a lot of DIY and fashion blogs, so I've been trying to teach myself to pick out outfits. This week has yielded a few decent results. I'm sort of proud of my new attempts at grownup outfits, so I figured I'd share them with you.

This one was for a night out to Two Stones with Matt and Nicole. I wore jeans, black flats, and my batwing sweater over top. I thought it was really cute. Alex thought it looked like an "art teacher" sweater and kept asking what the assignment was for the evening.

Second animal print outfit of the week. This one was for girl's night with Daniella and Kirsten at Border Cafe. I love that the pants have zippers at the bottom, so you can zip them around your boots and scrunch them. This whole outfit is from Ann Taylor with boots from JCPenney. I felt like a little bit of a rockstar in this one.

And then yesterday, since I wasn't quite up to dressing for Halloween, I went with more Fall colors. Another "art teacher sweater", a metallic print top, brown pants, and gold flats.

Last but not least, today. Color! Teal sweater over a white top with a ridiculously cool necklace that was on clearance at JCPenney. Jeans and the world's most comfortable teal flats from Naturalizer. Oh, and Elizabeth's magic wand for good measure.

So now I just have to figure out what I want to wear for my birthday tomorrow!


EDIT: My birthday outfit was extremely cute, as was my makeup...but this is the only picture from the evening.

In other news, here's my Friday outfit this week.

Thanks to this post, I've decided that making a Pinterest board to help me keep a visual record as I try different outfit combinations. You can follow along here.