Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Anthony Bourdain

For Christmas this year, Alex's gift fell right into my lap...or to be more precise, my inbox. The DuPont Theatre has been doing some really great one night shows in the last couple of years. Mom and I saw Patti Lupone and Mandy Patinkin last year and that was spectacular. Since then, I've been on their mailing list. A new feature of the theatre's repetoire has been one night shows with the addition of a "VIP" ticket option. Namely, a higher priced ticket that allows you to meet the act after the show. When the Anthony Bourdain show email hit my inbox and I realized that we might be able to meet him, I was sold.

I bought the tickets, bought the hardback books, and wrapped them up for Christmas. Alex doesn't get obviously excited over gifts, (I squee like a four year old on sugar) but the fact that he started reading the book immediately and didn't put it down all day sort of said it all.

The show was in February, so it was a long wait from Christmas. The night of, we headed to the Hotel Dupont and got dinner in the Brandywine Room. According to the maĆ®tre d’, we missed Tony by a few minutes. He had been camping out at the bar for a while waiting for showtime.

Dinner was buffet style, and pretty good. We split a bottle of wine and had some nice conversation before heading down to the theatre for the show. We ran into Ed and Kelly Taylor who were seated directly across the aisle from us.

Apparently, Frank Bell was also there, but he didn't come over to see us...

The show itself was a-maz-ing. Tony was very down to earth and funny as hell. The book signing went very quickly and we got a chance to talk to him for a second. It was definitely a very cool night.

I really think Alex's big, ridiculous grin says it all...

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