Sunday, January 16, 2011

Old Memories Made New Again

For Mom's birthday this year, I was having trouble coming up with something to get her. Recently, Mom pulled out her old photo albums that have her childhood pictures in them and was looking specifically for ones of her and her grandfather. There aren't many because according to her, her Pop Pop was always the one behind the camera snapping Polaroids of family events. Luckily there are a few, although they're not in great shape and are relatively small, unclear images.

So, after uploading them as TIF files, Larry took a look at them. As you can see, he fixed up the color issue on the color photo, removed scratches, and did the best he could where the photo had rubbed away from scrapbook glue damage on the third image. I took the photos below, converted the color to black and white so that they matched, and had them printed as 4x6 photos — which was a bit larger than the originals.

Then I bought a collage frame and added matting to create a really nice keepsake. Mom was already planning to make a shadow box in honor of her grandfather, so I figured this would make a nice addition.

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