Monday, January 17, 2011

Martin Luther King Day: The Perfect Excuse to Wield a Machete

Martin Luther King Day has long been a day when folks get out there and give back to their local community in honor of Dr. King's legacy. My company just happens to do it with a particular flair that's really sort of hard to match. About a week ago, I received this company-wide email from a coworker:

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I think my status on Facebook from that day really sums up my feelings on this one. Utter bewilderment and a bit of head-shaking.

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Needless to say, despite the fact that many thought it was some sort of January April Fool's Day prank, it turns out that some of my coworkers really take their MLK Day contribution seriously. A few turned up in duck boots and wellies. Others brought pruning sheers and hacksaws. Larry wore his hat with attached beard.

Unfortunately, since I'm still getting over being sick, I opted out of sloshing around in half-frozen swamp muck this morning (although I'm starting to really think I would have enjoyed it). I did, however, enjoy some fantastic pictures from coworker, David. Here's a few of his gorgeous shots of some of our happy helpers.

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