Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Fabulous Greaseband

So it turns out that I'm at my multitasking best this month! In addition to picking a wedding dress and getting a puppy, we also booked the band for the wedding....The Fabulous Greaseband! If you haven't seen them live, you're really missing out. I'm really excited that they are within our budget and we'll be able to pick the songs that we like from their extensive song list, so there will be something for everyone. A Motown set for Mom and I, of course! And plenty of Beatles!

And the best part is, for a small additional fee, they take care of emcee and DJ duties for all of the announcements, special dances, etc. Glad to not have to worry about it!

This isn't my favorite video of them, but it gives you an idea of all of the styles that they are able to perform. We won't be doing the YMCA....I promise ;-)

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