Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Puppy Creeping

You know how most couples go to dinner and a movie for date night? Well, we're not like most couples. We like to go to dinner, have some nice conversation, head over to the local PetKare, and creep on the puppies.

This all started in the apartment because it would have been an awful idea to try to own a dog while living there. So we would go over to PetKare where they now know us by sight, and hang out with the puppies to get our fix for a little while.
(We have to switch to the Newark location every so often to make sure they don't ban us).

Since we moved it's been really busy, so we haven't been "creeping" recently. Then Logan came and spent the night with us. Having a dog in the house reminded me of how much I want one. So this weekend after dinner, back to PetKare we went to see the extremely cute bulldog above.

Here's some photos of Logan's overnight at our place. Nicole and Matt were having an overnight too, so it was a rabble rousing good time.

It's occurred to me that I've sort of made puppy creeping a sport among my friends. In the world of Delaware celebrity puppy creeping, here's a few of my favorite guest appearances.


  1. hahahaha i'm in love with all of this weekend's puppies that you creeped on! my favorite is the tiny one : ) omg Logan would have a heyday if he had a playmate.

  2. SOOOOOOO cute... :)

    Ya know - Mister misses you :) you'll have to come creep on him sometime. :)