Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Ode to a Nicole Brown

Flanges? WTF are flanges? And where the hell is the hitchpin?

I don't see anything that looks like that. I'll just go outside and
dig through the trash to see if it's still in the box...
You mix up another round of drinks.

True Friend
- (n) Someone who doesn't ask questions when you ask to borrow her propane tank and simply hauls it across the street and stands by as you try to figure out why your dad's ancient grill that's been uncovered outside through four winters won't work. She then proceeds to look only mildly terrified as you try to light what can be described as a questionable gas line, at best.

This true friend then doesn't complain as she hauls the propane tank back to her house, gets changed, helps you load a ton of stuff in your car, and goes off to Lowes at 730pm on a Tuesday to buy a grill. Then when you realize you also need to hit the grocery store, she just comes along for the ride and thinks its no big deal. And then when you arrive at your house, this friend not only helps you clean the dishes after dinner but also shows her handy side — helping you put together a bench and a grill while drinking screwdrivers and weathering the taunts of "That's what she said" from the peanut gallery of significant others across the room.

I love this girl. You really couldn't ask for a better friend.

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