Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Polish Chef

So we've been in the house for just about three weeks now, and it's been really great. We've already had some friends over for dinner, held a game night, and had our first few rounds of family members who wanted to come see the new digs.

But my absolute favorite part of the new house with the huge, gorgeous kitchen is that apparently Alex has been withholding the fact that he's a pretty fantastic chef...

I mean, I knew he watched a lot of Food Network, but I thought it was just for the Giada factor. (Who by the way I have to admit, despite her huge head and her overpronunciation of all the Italian ingredients, is a rather cute lady with some really kickass recipes).

Well, I've sampled more than one of Giada's Everyday Italian recipes as prepared by Chef Alex, along with a few of his own creations — and there's promise of carne asada tacos for dinner on Saturday.

Oh, and in all those special grocery trips to get the last minute ingredients, I even got a surprise this week!


  1. What if he secretly gets his recipes from Scarlet Johanson? Wouldn't that be awful?! The kitchen still looks great, how did you wind up organizing the family room? Maybe I'll just go ask you on gchat. :P

  2. I'm just now finding this post. Don't care where the recipes come from as long as he's cooking :-)