Tuesday, April 27, 2010

House Update

Did you know that when you go to Home Depot and you ask for plain white, vinyl blinds, there are literally a hundred questions you have to answer?

Light-blocking or standard? Cord on the right or left? Cord or wand to tilt? Tilt wand/cord on the right or left? Do you want the vertical blinds to push to the right or the left of your sliding glass door? Do you want those to tilt open or just push to the side? For the double window, do you want two sets of single blinds or one long double blind? If two single blinds, do you want one cord or two? Tilt or no tilt? A device that sticks to the wall to hold the extra cord so you don't accidentally strangle your future children? Do you want someone to come measure your windows? Install them? A tutorial on how to install them? Are you buying for some rooms or all rooms today? Which color white do you want?

HO-LY CRAP. Who knew that your window covering choices could affect your unthought of future children? And that choosing "white" involves Disney characters (we went with Snow White).

And thus begins our first foray into home ownership and decorating. We decided this week that on top of unpacking, the blinds were the first purchase we had to make because apparently construction workers pop out of the woodwork whenever either of us takes a shower. Unfortunately, even after the game of 20 questions with Madelina at "the Depot," we won't be getting our blinds for another week or so...but they are coming to install them for a very reasonable price.

On top of blinds, I've also managed to unpack all but a handful of boxes. Saturday was mostly working on our bedroom. I added our new bed skirt (and obsessively steamed it so it laid right). I set up phones, DVD players, gaming systems, etc and tried to hide the wires. And I even moved all the yet to be unpacked boxes to the basement until we get the painting done. But of course my favorite part was organizing our closet. It's awesome.

Sunday, we even had our first "dinner party" with Matt and Nicole. Alex whipped up a delicious pasta dish with turkey sausage, olives, mushrooms, and diced tomatoes over fettucine, and I added a side of "beans and greens." Matt brought root beer and ice cream for root beer floats. All in all a lovely and productive weekend.

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