Monday, March 15, 2010

Venue? Check.

So with 30 days until settlement (and boxes all over our apartment), I've turned to wedding planning again. Alex and I trekked out to Kennett Square in the pouring rain to see the Mendenhall Inn for a tour over the weekend and absolutely loved it. I had this venue in mind since my cousin Ryan and his wife Pamela had their reception there about ten years ago, but since Alex had only ever been to the Mendenhall Restaurant for brunch, we headed over for a ballroom tour. Overall, as far as a package deal goes, they pretty much include everything (which makes the planning so much easier!).

Alex is a big fan of the atrium outside of the Grand ballroom as a space for cocktail hour. It's going to be absolutely lovely in the early evening in September!

I am a big fan of the ballroom itself with it's high ceilings, open floorplan, and grand staircase. If we're able to have a band, there's also a great picture window that the could easily set up in front of!

We're looking at Friday September 16th, 2011 as our wedding date but haven't locked in with a deposit just yet. Hopefully we'll be able to get the huge task of finalizing a venue finished before we move!


  1. Beautiful!!! :) And mid to late september is SUCH a great time... (speaking from experience :) )

  2. I'm a big Alex's parents were married September 11th, my parents were married September 23, and I think my grandparents are September we're sort of following tradition...

  3. That is one purdy place. Do the decorations come standard??

  4. Yep, flowers, chair covers, cake, food, and even a maitre'd to deal with crises!