Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Puppy Kindergarten

Today was a milestone day in the Rizzbanik family. After 5 weeks of tough love, lots of corrections, and a prong collar, Harper graduated puppy class! He did very well and made some new friends in the meantime. Although we are sad we won't be seeing Bailey, Guinness, Doc, Frankie, Penny, Jake, and Spartan every Tuesday now, we are very proud of our little guy.

Here's Harper working on "SIT" and "STAY."

And here's Harper waiting his turn to work on "COME."

And here's Harper receiving his diploma and a kiss from his teacher, Pat Hoffmann. So proud of our little guy!


  1. Congrats! Dog training takes a lot of patience and hard work, but it makes a big difference! BTW, your puppy is super cute! *Very jealous*

  2. Thanks, Carol! How have you and Stu been? It's been a long time :-)

  3. Stew even...geez you think I could get the spelling right after 7 years...

  4. We've been hangin' in there. We are back near my parents in CA. Been through some job troubles in the last couple years, but doing alright at the moment. I've been working a lot on training my dog and working towards competing in Rally-O with him. Lots of fun, but lots of work! How have you been?

  5. Doing well. Down in Middletown, living with Alex, working for a publishing company in Smyrna, planning the wedding, training the puppy. Life is pretty good. :-)