Monday, October 11, 2010

Harper, Man About Town

So Harper had a big weekend of meeting new people. We learned a lot.

Harper Loves:
  • Mom Mom and Pop Pop
  • Eating mulch and pieces of the new driveway
  • Daddy's stinky socks
  • Sleeping on Mommy's pillow on the couch
  • Stinkbugs
  • Licking the water out of the shower basin
  • Riding in the car
  • Taking the food out of his bowl and walking it over to the carpet before eating it
  • Farts
  • Baths after being covered in Logan drool and dryer lint
Harper is Terrified of:
  • The ice maker
  • The dishwasher
  • The washing machine
  • The blow dryer
  • His reflection in the french doors
  • The blender
  • Logan, with his giant head, tearing out the door after him

We started on Friday with his first car ride confined to the back seat. After a few minutes of attempting to get in the front, he finally gave up and snuggled into Mommy's raincoat and fell fast asleep. First on the agenda was getting to know Logan. First impressions did not go specifically well because Fathead Logan came bounding out the door and Harper went running for the car. Finding that the doors were closed, H did the next best thing and dove UNDER the Mommy a heart attack.

About an hour later after some serious work, Harper and Logan were friendly enough to play. They spent a good two hours romping around the house and Harper figured out that he could hide under things and Logan couldn't get him. This started a game of running from under the chair, to under the table, to under the couch, taunting the bigger dog.

They both seemed to have a really good time. Eventually they both tired themselves out, and Harper came to hang with Mom. Logan came over to get some attention and so my boys and I hung out.

On Saturday, Harper and I headed back to Mom's house and played with Logan in the backyard. After they had tuckered each other out again, Mom and I took Harper over to Mom Mom and Pop Pop's to visit. Needless to say, he was a big hit. Mom Mom didn't want to put him down!

And of course, Pop Pop fed him under the table which Mom Mom yelled about when she caught on. Of course this made Harper very fond of Pop Pop.

Back at Mom's house, Harper and Logan romped while Mom and I tackled some gardening in the backyard. Logan helped by eating all the weeds I pulled and Harper followed suit. Later in the evening after they had tuckered themselves out again, Mom and I got a chance to relax while the boys each chewed on their respective bully sticks.

On Sunday, Aunt Nicole and Uncle Matt came over and played with Harper. Aunt Nicole and I taught Harper "Sit", which it turns out, he is very good at.

In an attempt to make crating him less awful on Sunday night, Nicole and played with him until he literally couldn't keep his little eyes open.

It worked out well though. He calmed himself in the crate in only ten minutes and slept for six hours before he had to have a potty break. That's pretty good!

Today, Harper has another play date with Logan to tucker him out. Afterwards, we're going to hang with Dad and watch some How I Met Your Mother as a family. Speaking of mothers...don't you think he looks more like me than Alex?

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