Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wedding Photography

image copyright 2010 Kalen Foley

So it turns out that choosing a wedding photographer was one of the easier choices we've made for the wedding so far. I did a bit of comparison shopping and found a handful of folks that I liked, including Alex's friend and former coworker, Kalen Foley.

I set out with a photojournalistic style in mind, meaning I want candid, clever shots with lots of attention to details. The problem is that all photographers advertise as being photojournalistic because that is one of the biggest buzzwords out there in the industry right now. So I scoured through portfolios and only found a few that really did a great job of capturing teary-eyed mothers, beaming brides, and proud dads in a way that would be meaningful looking back at the photos for years to come.

Unfortunately, of my favorites, more than a few were just a little out of our price range and the price didn't seem to match what you would actually be getting. Lots of time limits. Limits to the number of photos. Thousands of extra dollars to add a second photographer. And for the most part, the photographer owned the copyright, which would make getting prints made a total pain. In all honesty, even though some of the photos were beautiful, they just weren't worth the price.

After speaking with a few different folks, it turns out that Kalen is able to offer us everything that we're asking for at a price that fits snugly into our budget. Not only does he offer himself for an unlimited amount of time during the course of the day, but all of his packages include a second photographer without a ridiculous upcharge. And when it came to grilling him with all of my logistical questions, he had all the right answers. Liability insurance? A back up plan if you're ill the day of the wedding? A plan to visit the church beforehand to get a feel for the space? Yes. yes. And most certainly, yes.

Also, as far as reviews go, this kid has some stellar ones. I'm looking forward to a great experience so I can add to his ever growing list of comments from happy brides. Go check him out for yourself at and let me know what you think!

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