Monday, August 16, 2010

Puppy Wars

So Elizabeth, Steph, and I have an ongoing dispute over which is cuter - wrinkly faced, floppy eared, short haired dogs or small curly coated dogs. I am in the first camp and love pugs and French Bulldogs especially. Elizabeth and Steph feel differently. I have Zach Braff's french bulldog, Scooter, as the background on my computer. See how cute Scooter is?

Well, this prompted Elizabeth to download this picture of a labradoodle as her background, and then she and Steph stood around her monitor and clucked about how cute it was and how clever it was to have an elongated snout so it didn't have breathing problems.

It's sort of gone on like that for a few days now. For example, Elizabeth sent me this picture.

Which I then corrected.

And she then counter-corrected.

Well played, Elizabeth.

And then today, she sent me a picture of Dakota the cockapoo, a dog she helped rescue on Salem Church Road over the weekend.

Luckily, Dakota is now safely home with her owner, so I was glad of that. But since Elizabeth sent it with the subject line, "I'm Cute", I sent back a bunch of pictures of French Bullies with the subject line, "I'm Also Cute!"

She made fun of me, so I made this.

And then she sent this.

And on it goes...


EDITOR'S NOTE: Update August 19, 2010

Today, I sent this to Steph and Elizabeth after they changed my background to a picture of a St. Berdoodle (which is the stupidest thing I've ever seen).

This is what Steph sent back.

So I sent this.

And she burninated it.

I took a bizarre picture and made it the background on her phone. She waited until I went to the bathroom and made it my background.


  1. Do you know what love is?

    Spending half an hour searching Google images for a shih-poo taking a dump.

    That's what love is.


  2. Um, I want to work at your place! No poo, vomit, or other bodily things have to be cleaned!!