Wednesday, August 25, 2010

As Long As You're Green, You're Growing

Aaron has been hard at work painting the house this week. Here's the video he sent me of the first day's worth of work. That's a whole lot of "Monsoon Green" and I LOVE it. Our house is starting to feel like a home.

The majority of the house (whole downstairs and upstairs hallway) are "Monsoon Green," Our room will be "Totally Tan" which is by far the absolute laziest paint color name I have ever encountered, but it will look nice. I haven't gotten to the other rooms in the house yet, but I'm thinking a marigold color for the guest bathroom, the historic blue that Alex likes for the office, and am completely undecided on the guest room. Thinking it will take a few months to get to those anyway since we'll most likely be doing those ourselves.

Here's the online version of the colors I'm looking at. The green is a little brighter in real life, the tan a little warmer, the yellow a little less overwhelmingly canary-colored and more like a muted marigold, and the blue a little brighter. Any suggestions for the guest room? Downstairs bathroom? An accent wall color to go with any of these?

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  1. green for the guest room? i like green, i might try and take over your guest room. yes i'm selfish :-P in all seriousness though, a neutral color would be nice so you don't overwhelm any one in the guest room