Friday, January 22, 2010

Dinner with the Bijeys of East Cleveland

So made my way down to Newark last night after visiting with Logan. Mom went out to the Dupont Theatre with Allyn and Andy as a part of her birthday present, so I stopped by there on my way to dinner and fed him. He decided he deserved a treat for being such a good boy and told me so repeatedly until I gave in. Here's a bit of Logan's begging.

After my visit
with Logan, I headed down to UD to visit with a few of my favorites. Matt was hard at work when I got there. Apparently the first round of duck didn't go as well as one might have hoped so he was working on round two.

While we let Matt work his magic in the kitchen, Nak, Anthony and I talked celebrity gossip (did you see Mo'Nique's hairy legs at the Golden Globes or Heidi Montag's awful surgery results?) and watched a bit of Jersey Shore. I hadn't seen it yet but it was most certainly....something. I can honestly say it made me feel better as a person. Apparently Nak is going to buy the uncensored DVD so we can have a marathon at some point.

Once Matt finished working his magic in the kitchen, dinner was absolutely delicious. I'm sure he could give you more details, but i know it was duck with a pear sauce that contained pink peppercorns (although it called for green and this was a major point of the conversation throughout the meal), pears, wild rice and mushrooms, and creamed spinach that tasted like pure delicious with maybe a hint of spinach. And dessert was a ridiculously delicious ginger creme brulee.

Et voila.

Matt seemed happy with the results...

All in all a lovely evening with some of my favorites.

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