Monday, January 18, 2010

Date Night in Philly

When it comes to what I consider a "good" present, my definition doesn't involve a lot of "stuff." Alex gets this about me.

This year for Christmas, he got me tickets to see Wicked in Philly. Great gift, right? Ah, but what makes it a great gift? First and foremost, Alex isn't really into musicals, yet there were in fact two tickets and a promise for a lovely dinner beforehand. Can't really beat that.

Here's the beginning of the evening at the Melting Pot. Notice the fancy, schmancy dress and suit.

The second thing that Alex gets about me is that I love, Love, LOVE any excuse to dress up. And I mean any excuse. Like I had to talk myself out of wearing a dress to New Years this year because I would have stood out like a sore thumb and been freezing the entire night. Sometimes looking good isn't always practical. But I digress.

Part of my present was that Alex promised to "suit up" (in the words on the one and only Barney Stinson as portrayed by the genius NPH). So not only did I get to go out on a random Tuesday on a date planned especially for me, not only did I get to have a nice dinner and see my favorite show, but I had the perfect excuse to get all swankified and spend some quality time with the guy I like most!

Now that's a great present.

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